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Homeschooling is no easy gig, that’s why organization is truly key to being successful at homeschooling!

The Printable Homeschool Planner makes it easy for you to organize what you need to organize, and how you WANT to organize! Most planners out there are already formatted and binded for you, with The Printable Homeschool Planner you have complete control over what you would like to include within your planner.

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The Printable Homeschool Planner is a great tool for you to use when planning out your homeschool year.

The great thing about The Printable Homeschool Planner is that you only print the forms, and the number of forms, you want to use. Which makes this planner highly customizable.


You will need the following supplies to put together your homeschool planner:

  • A three ring binder. Size really is determined by you as to how many forms you will need for your homeschooling needs.
  • The homeschool forms provided in The Printable Homeschool Planner. You can pick and choose which forms best suit your homeschooling needs.
  • A printer with ink. All forms provided are for your personal use only.
  • A three ring hole punch so you can add your printed forms to the three ring binder
  • Dividers (optional). So you can organize your forms by subject, student, or both!

Everything in ONE Place!

With The Printable Homeschool Planner you will be able to organize your planner with the forms you want. No need to have a separate planner for your lesson plans, attendance record, etc. With The Printable Homeschool Planner you will have everything in one place.



Some of these forms I have been scouring the internet for (especially the book report one) and am glad I finally found something that meets our needs. There are even some forms we needed that I didn’t know we needed until now, but I love. If you are looking for a way to organize your homeschool, please check out The Homeschool Planner. – Kristi @ Heart of the Matter Online

The forms included with your initial purchase of The Printable Homeschool Planner:

  • The Cover Page – PDF Printable
  • Art Project Planner – PDF Printable
  • Attendance Record Keeper – PDF Printable
  • Book Report Worksheet – PDF Printable
  • Field Trip Planner – PDF Printable
  • Project Planner – PDF Printable
  • Science Experiment Planner – PDF Printable
  • Scripture Verse Planner – PDF Printable
  • Student Project Notes Worksheet – PDF Printable
  • Thematic Unit Planner – PDF Printable
  • Lesson Planner – PDF Printable
  • Password for unlimited access to our current and future homeschool printables in our exclusive member download page.



There’s More!

Once you purchase The Printable Homeschool Planner you will receive UNLIMITED access to all CURRENT and FUTURE printables provided in our special members area. PLUS you can request custom printables to be created for the members area! When you download The Printable Homeschool Planner after purchase be sure to read the document titled: “README.pdf” to gain instant access to our online members download area!

profilepic62012Heather Bixler has been homeschooling since January 2006 and knows that organization is key to a successful homeschooling experience. With this printable homeschool planner you have control over how you want your homeschool planner to look. All forms provided in the homeschool planner are only branded with copyright information at the bottom of every page, and we do request that you only use the forms provided for your personal use.

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